The rules for the league are as follows:
-the fee for the season is $100
-every single regular season and playoff game will be picked.
-for each regular season week (1-18), you can "best bet" two games which are worth 2 points rather than 1.
-for each playoff week (excluding the superbowl, 19-21), you can "best bet" one game which is worth 3 points rather than 2.
-picks can made up until the time that the game starts.
-spreads are updated through friday, and will not be updated again unless a dramatic event occurs (big injury, venue change, etc).
-forgetting to make your picks results in an automatic loss for those game(s)
Type of weekPoints for each gamePoints for each Best Bet (BB)Number of BBs per week
Regular season (1-18)122
Playoffs (19-21)231
Superbowl (22)4n/an/a

Special Scoring Awards
There are 5 special payout awards this year. All can be tracked in the "Alt Standings" tab.
Best Better is awarded to the user(s) with the most correct BB picks including the 3 weeks of postseason. The postseason BBs will not be worth any additional points as we are only counting correct picks.
Toilet Bowl is awarded to the user(s) with the most correct picks in games designated the "Toilet Bowl of the Week". Each week during the regular season one gross game will be labeled for inclusion in this special awards' standings.
Night Owl is awarded to the user(s) with the most correct picks in Night Games, not including the postseason. This will end with SNF in Week 18. You can check your performance in the "Night Games" section of the Stats tab.
Biggest Loser is awarded to the user(s) with the lowest point total at the end of the season, including the postseason. Users will be disqualified if they fail to make a pick or fail to make all of their best bets. You can check your performance in the "Biggest Loser" section of the Stats tab.
Quarterly Winner is awarded to the user(s) with the highest point total at the end of each quarter. The 4 quarters of the season run:
  • Q1 = Weeks 1-4
  • Q2 = Weeks 5-9
  • Q3 = Weeks 10-14
  • Q4 = Weeks 15-18

What happens if my picks don't save? It is your responsibility to confirm your picks saved. The best way to do that is to check in the "Group Picks" tab. If there is a system issue, you can email me directly with your picks and I'll add them manually. This must be done before kickoff. Every year we save 10s of thousands of picks and inevitably there are 1 or 2 instances that come up. I'm left with no other option than to assume it's a user issue as every other person gets their picks in. Most importantly, I can't do anything after the fact, so early communication is key.
What is Flip Picks? Not feeling confident in your picks? This feature picks the opposite. A majority of the league picks under 50% and would therefore perform better if they flipped their picks :)
How do I track standings for the week? Check out the "Group Picks" tab which will be updated as games go final throughout the week. Please allow for some delay, especially on night games.
What is "Scenario Generator"?? This feature allows you to simulate weekly standings for the remaining games. It will automatically project the winner based on the most recent score update, some of which occurr mid-game. By clicking the team names at the top of the table you can simulate the standings if the other team wins. This helps you identify which games produce big swings in the standings and/or what you'll need to have happen to finish at the top of the standings.
When are spreads updated? Spreads are updated on Thursday and Friday mornings. We will rarely make a decision to change a spread after the Friday update in the case of a significant injury. Typically this is limited to QB injuries and is only done in cases where the spread moves significantly (3+ points). This is done to avoid the "free square" situation.